D.E.I.I. Morning Breakout Sessions – Track 2

today April 21, 2022


The 1st Annual D.E.I.I. and more Conference. The conference is designed to make an uncomfortable conversation more palatable. The conference will create a safe space for learning and engagement. Led by some of the foremost experts in the field, participants will leave more enriched than they came!!

This conference is for EVERYONE looking to take the uncomfortable step in furthering their experience in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Implementation and More!



Double Tree Hotel & Convention Center

Downtown Billings Montana
Billings – MT (USA)

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I have an I.D.E.A.

Thumbnail William B. Henry

Identifying. Diversity. Equity. & Assumptions. This workshop is designed to highlight the complexities of diversity, how we misunderstand the difference between equity and equality and how we make assumptions that can lead us to the wrong conclusion. Put your seatbelt on and open your mind as we explore some new I.D.E.As

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Interracial vs Intraracial Relationships

Thumbnail Krikor Jansezian, Ph.D.,

Interracial relationships, dating and marriages; What attracts you to someone of the same race, or different race?

10:45 am remove 12:00 pm

Mindfulness, Diversity and the Quest for Belonging"

Thumbnail Leslie Scharfe

Through a series of experiential exercises this session seeks to explore presence based practices around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. Participants will explore there is more to us than our story through the recognition of old patterns that have us stuck. This session is intended to engage the concepts and mindful practices that foster a personal environment of diversity, equity and inclusion that can be woven through our work and the world.

10:45 am remove 12:00 pm

"Working While White"

Thumbnail Sara Agostinelli, Ed.D.

As we strive to increase racial diversity of our teams, have we, as white leaders, stopped to reflect on our own development? Is our own leadership approach as inclusive as our hiring practices? This workshop aims to go beyond learning about white privilege and asks participants to reflect on their own racial experiences and consider if the work we are doing is creating a truly inclusive environment. The presenter of this session is a white woman, and the session is designed to be both reflective and conversational to look at how our own identities are impacting how we supervise others.

Begin April 21, 2022 H 10:45 am
End April 21, 2022 H 12:00 pm
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