Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


D.E.I.I. Series

Known for his ability to create connections and build trust, William B. Henry and The Experience Architect Team offers this 4-part series to build awareness, education, and skills.

Each session offers an interactive workshop that allows participants to build a base understanding, and immediately put their new knowledge to work. Implementation is a course on its own, as we know, it is critical to do more than learn, and also want to build tangible skills for your team to implement within your organization.

check Diversity

check Equity

check Inclusion

check Implemendation

Master's Level Series

Time to level up your team’s D.E.I. knowledge with the Master’s Level Series. This four-part interactive workshop series creates a safe space for your team to both process individual lived experiences, and also understand tangible ways to create change within the workplace. Our team of architects will work with your team on the best way to offer this series that meets your team needs.

check Stereotypes

check Unconscious Bias

check Microaggressions

check Privilege

Additional Opportunities

William B. Henry and The Experience Architects also offer a number of DEI-related sessions that can be used as stand-alone classes or put together to offer series especially designed for your organization. Additional topics can be developed, based on the needs of your team.

check Allyship

check LGBTQ+ Terminology

check Power of Language

check Understanding Types of Disabilities

check Reasonable Modifications

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