Leadership Development


Leadership Development Opportunities

William B. Henry and The Experience Architects are able to offer a wide range of educational and interactive sessions related to Leadership Development.

Educational sessions are designed specifically for both your Administration and Staff to pinpoint potential areas of disconnect along the workflow process and develop your team into stronger leaders. Workshops provide essential tools to navigate through situations PRIOR to them escalating into performance issues and cultural malice.

Courses can be used as stand-alone educational opportunities, or combined to make an intentional series, based on your team needs.

check Collaboration

check Communication

check Conflict Resolution

check Occupational Burnout

check Organization Dysfunction

check Teambuilding

check Trust & Connection

Leadership Support

In addition to interactive training opportunities, William B. Henry and the Experience Architects are available to support your leaders. Whether it is developing a Strategic Plan or creating a Succession Plan for upcoming retirements, William B. Henry and team are able to help you proactively prepare for the changing needs your organization is facing.


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