Dean Hebert

Southwest D.E.I.I. Architect


Dean Hebert M.Ed. MGCP is a mental game coach, author and speaker. He focuses on peak performance strategies for individuals and teams. Dean has a Master’s Degree is in Higher Education Administration with post graduate work in sports psychology and is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional.

Mindset is one of the most important pathways to creating D.E.I.I. success!!

Dean Hebert is a leader, visionary and strategist with a “let’s get it done” attitude. His analytical approach, coupled with a deep empathy for others has proven a successful combination throughout his career in helping people become their most effective selves.


Dean integrates a human resources and training and development work history with a coaching and a commitment to lifelong learning to create an eclectic holistic view of personal and professional lives.

Dean excels at coaching his clients how to deal with stress and anxiety, build teams, implement process improvements, improve communication, deal with difficult behaviors and topics, resolve conflict and model leadership skills.


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