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Building an Organization: D.E.I.I. Architectural Women Shattering Glass Considerations

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In today’s marketplace, women are one of the biggest and strongest assets. Women currently make up over 55% of the total workforce! Given this, it is important that we consider the importance of their roles and how we further align the inequalities that exist in the workforce. 

Impact of D.E.I.I. Architecture in our workplace and steps you can take to improve it.

  1. Uplift Other Women

Like the saying goes, “There is Power in Unity” Creating a forum for women to be able to connect with other successful women in the workplace is vital to ensuring that the voice of women is being heard constantly in the workplace.

D.E.I.I. Architectural women who are shattering glass have learned the game, know their worth, support each other and are willing to be assertive.

William B. Henry
  1. Understand your Worth and the value you bring to an organization 

In today’s workplace, women are doing bold and innovative things on a daily basis. Celebrating the successes and not devaluing the work goes a long way to building up confidence and shows the women that are following in your footsteps can be successful in male dominated situations.

  1. Be assertive not angry 

One way to ensure that your message is received without emotion is to have supporting data and documentation that support your idea or initiative.

  1. The journey is not over… DON’T GIVE UP! 

Young successful women are watching what successful women of today are doing. As hard as it is somedays, I encourage to keep swinging the hammer! Women are breaking through in new places everyday… You have the attention of young women all over the world… Don’t Give Up Now!!

Written by: William Henry

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