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5 Reasons Why D.E.I.I. Architecture Assessments Are Extremely Crucial for Organizational Success.

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In today’s workplace, many organizations are exploring the importance and impact of having a Diversity, Equity,Inclusion and Implementation plan in place. However, before jumping knee deep into a space that can be very complex, it will be important for organizations to consider the following steps:

1. Taking the temperature of the current workforce

Many organizations have the best intentions when it comes to D.E.I.I. However, many drop the ball when it comes to considering their most important resources…. THEIR PEOPLE!  Before you get too involved in a D.E.I.I. process, one of the most important steps is to take the temperature of the workforce. This can be accomplished several ways: 1.) Surveys, 2.) Workgroups or 3.) Councils. Once you have completed an analysis of your findings, it will give you some of the necessary background as to where the organization as whole is starting.  This assessment is essential to ensure the cultural shift kicks off on the right foot.

Many organizations have the best intentions when it comes to D.E.I.I. However, many drop the ball when it comes to considering their most important resources…. THEIR PEOPLE! 

William B. Henry

Key Stakeholders are imperative to the successful implementation of a D.E.I.I. program.

2. Engaging Key Stakeholders in the process

When undertaking a cultural shift as important as D.E.I.I, it is important that key stakeholders are not only involved but invested in the shift. Key stakeholders must have a level of authenticity that is not only expressed verbally but that also is model throughout the workplace on a daily basis. Anything short of this will make employees challenge the intent of the shift. 

3. Having a succinct and sustainable plan in place 

There is an adage that says “if you fail to plan, your plan is sure to fail.”  Given the breadth of D.E.I.I., creating a roadmap for your organization to follow is a key element to sustained success. This is not to say you may not have to adjust on the fly. However, not having a plan is a recipe for failure. 

4. Be willing to “fight” through the tough times

Let’s be completely transparent, change is NOT EASY.  Add into the mix the sensitivity surrounding an initiative as important as  D.E.I.I. and you are going to have some tough times! Understanding this, it is important to be willing to fight through the tough times. Be willing to have tough conversations, allow folks to have emotions around the subject but continue to move forward. If you do this, success is on the other side of the fight! 

5. Understanding this is a organizational shift not a “PROGRAM”

Although last, this should probably be at the top of the list!  D.E.I.I. is not a program but an organizational cultural shift. Given this, the work should not be treated like it has a starting and a stopping point. The shift is continual and should be reviewed to ensure that it keeps up with the changes in the workplace. Organizations that understand this from the onset, have far greater success than organizations that see this as a “program.” Do the work, integrate into your workplace and continually monitor the environment. If you do, you will not only see success, you and your workforce will FEEL IT!!

Written by: William Henry

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