Evaluating Equity vs. Equality within the D.E.I.I Architectures In The Current Time

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Picture this: There are 3 people standing at a 6ft gate. The first person is a male standing approximately 5’6. The second is a female and she stands approximately 6’2.  The third person is a male who is bound to a wheelchair and in the chair he is approximately 5’3. Each of these individuals have a child that is graduating college and there is a 6ft barricade that could potentially block their view from one of the most important events of their life.

The Theory of EQUALITY

In the current situation, only one of the parents will be able to see their child accomplish one of the biggest feats in life.  A worker approaches and decides to apply the theory of EQUALITY. He gives each of the parents a platform that is 7 inches in height. What happens: The male that is 5’6 inches can clearly see over the gate. The female given her natural height could already see over the gate and now is blocking the view of those behind her because she is almost 7ft.

In the workplace, it is vital that decision makers understand the difference between Equity and Equality.

William B. Henry


However, the male bound to the wheelchair, can’t see over the gate even though he was given the same platform as the other 2 parents. 

The manager seeing what has transpired comes out and applies the principle of EQUITY!  He presents the male that is 5’6 with a platform that is 7 inches tall, he asks the female that is 6’2 would she like to be higher to which she declines, and he gives the man in the wheelchair a 10 inch platform. Now all  three parents can watch the children walk across the stage.

EQUITY is NOT the same thing as EQUALITY

In the workplace, it is vital that decision makers understand the difference between Equity and Equality. Equality only works if everyone is starting from the same place. Understanding the difference can be the difference between partaking in a lawsuit, retaining quality staff and attracting new and highly qualified candidates. Stop and think… EQUITY is not the same thing as EQUALITY!  

Written by: William Henry

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