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today April 21, 2022my_locationDouble Tree Hotel & Convention Center


The 1st Annual D.E.I.I. and more Conference. The conference is designed to make an uncomfortable conversation more palatable. The conference will create a safe space for learning and engagement. Led by some of the foremost experts in the field, participants will leave more enriched than they came!!

This conference is for EVERYONE looking to take the uncomfortable step in furthering their experience in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Implementation and More!



Double Tree Hotel & Convention Center

Downtown Billings Montana
Billings – MT (USA)

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If it bleeds it leads; what to do about the negative spotlight

Thumbnail Toby O’Rourke

A company can quickly propel into the negative media spotlight when customer service issues escalate -- particularly when discrimination may be involved. In these situations, authenticity and swift action is key. During this session, KOA reflects on similar challenges they have experienced, how they have approached crisis management, and what positive learnings and outcomes came as a result.

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Perspective and Unconscious Bias

Thumbnail David J. Park, DO, FAAFP, FACOFP

We are all individuals and are unique in our genetic makeup, cultural upbringing, and life experiences. Therefore, we all see things differently and sometimes there are things we don’t even perceive while others may. This workshop will explore different perspectives and how unconscious biases plays a role in our lives and in our society. We will then discuss some strategies to mitigate actions and reactions due to unconscious biases.

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Medicine Wheel and Interconnectedness

Thumbnail Josiah Hugs

As a human being there are 4 areas that we must be mindful of daily to ensure we are in harmony. The 4 areas that make up a human being are Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical. Open your mind and take a journey and learn Native American teaching that will impact your total way of thinking!

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Introducing A Culture of Representation

Thumbnail Clark Stirgus

Representation matters in ways that are ineffable, and although many organizations are currently striving to attract a more diverse employee, have they truly built a sustainable fondation of support? Participants will engage in a thought-provoking session aimed to target the challenges that come with welcoming a new level of inclusion into their environment.

Begin April 21, 2022 H 2:40 pm
End April 21, 2022 H 3:55 pm
Location Double Tree Hotel & Convention Center
Address 27 North 27th Street
Phone 775-250-8252
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