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today April 21, 2022my_locationDouble Tree Hotel & Convention Center


The 1st Annual D.E.I.I. and more Conference. The conference is designed to make an uncomfortable conversation more palatable. The conference will create a safe space for learning and engagement. Led by some of the foremost experts in the field, participants will leave more enriched than they came!!

This conference is for EVERYONE looking to take the uncomfortable step in furthering their experience in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Implementation and More!



Double Tree Hotel & Convention Center

Downtown Billings Montana
Billings – MT (USA)

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Jerks At Work

Thumbnail Stefani Hicswa, PhD

Survival training to deal with conflict in our lives. In this workshop you will gain valuable tools to better understand what drives conflict and learn powerful communication strategies to address difficult situations, respond to criticism, and understand the causes and remedies of defensiveness.

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Getting Past Superwoman

Thumbnail Heather McDowell

Those women who survive and thrive in male-dominated entities and industries are statistically superstars. Let’s all dream of (and work toward) a world where ordinary women can achieve ordinary success. To create this world, we must recognize and rectify the system that has long-required women to massively overachieve in order to progress.

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How To Be An Ally

Thumbnail Shelley Hayes-MacDonald

Being an Ally is a verb and it requires action. At times, we don’t know how to navigate this and are afraid of doing it wrong. There are many allies who are ready and willing to take action to address inequities but are unclear how. This workshop focuses on important yet practical ways for allies to support people experiencing systemic oppression in their workplaces and communities. The practical tools produced in this workshop are developed in three layers - what people can do for themselves, what we can do for each other and what managers can do for their teams.

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Courageous Conversation: Surviving & Seeing Beyond Our Lives’ 1000 Cuts

Thumbnail Mary Hernandez

This highly engaging session examines participants’ experienced 1000 cuts in life. Participants will explore how these cuts lead to our various personas and what it takes for us to find and live as our safe and authentic selves.

Begin April 21, 2022 H 1:15 pm
End April 21, 2022 H 2:30 pm
Location Double Tree Hotel & Convention Center
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