D’Vaughn Hayes

Pacific Northwest D.E.I.I. Architect


D’Vaughn LaSean Hayes is an award winning sales trainer, marketing mastermind, and community developer.  In 2014, D’Vaughn was recognized by Smart Circle International as one of the Top 20 Sales Persons in the country and again in 2015 as Market Manager of the Year along with 2015’s Outstanding Achievement award for his ability to hire, train and develop high caliber individuals.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ~ Eleanor R.

D’Vaughn has successfully built multi-million dollar portfolios of business and continues to be a pioneer in his own community.  He has an extensive background in training which includes Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Sales/ Marketing and Creating Championship Teams.  


In his workshops, D’Vaughn creates a space for attendees to escape their comfort zone so that the learning process can take place!  In addition, D’Vaughn works hard to understand cultural differences within communities and organizations, adapting his training style along the way. He  leaves each group with the necessary tools to create strategies that allow organizations to thrive and succeed! 


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