David J. Park, DO, FAAFP, FACOFP

Vice President and Founding Dean Montana College of Osteopathic Medicine Rocky Vista University

Workshop Title

Perspective and Unconscious Bias

We are all individuals and are unique in our genetic makeup, cultural upbringing, and life experiences.  

Course Description

Therefore, we all see things differently and sometimes there are things we don’t even perceive while others may. This workshop will explore different perspectives and how unconscious biases plays a role in our lives and in our society. We will then discuss some strategies to mitigate actions and reactions due to unconscious biases.

Dr. Park was born in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to the United States as a young boy. He grew up in Queens, NY most of his life but also lived in Las Vegas, NV and St. George, UT, and he just recently moved to Billings, MT to lead the Rocky Vista University – Montana College of Osteopathic Medicine as the Vice President and Founding Dean. He is an osteopathic family physician by training and has worked in rural critical access hospitals as an emergency physician for the past twelve years. Dr. Park is the 2020 recipient of the American Osteopathic Foundation’s Education of the Year award.


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